Governance of The Vineyards - Our HOA

As a homeowner and resident of The Vineyards, you are a dues-paying member of the Home Owners Association (HOA) and are represented by the Board of Directors which you elect.  The purposes of the Board are many, but their over-arching responsibility is to ensure the fair and equitable enforcement of the by-laws and covenants under which our community operates.  In addition, they are tasked with developing and adhering to fiscal budgets as well as providing overall direction to the process of keeping The Vineyards one of Williamsburg's premier communities.

Board Members are elected at the HOA's annual meeting which is held at the Vineyards Clubhouse on Jockeys Neck Trail.  Each member holds a term of 2 years.  Any home owner who is current with their dues can stand for election to the HOA Board.  We encourage residents to be active in the the HOA as it is a vital aspect of life at The Vineyards.