HOA Board of Directors

Board Members are lot-owners in good standing of the Vineyards and are nominated by the Nominations Committee, or nominated from the floor at the annual meeting and voted in by the members of the Vineyards HOA by private, written ballot.  Nominees with the largest number of votes are then voted in.  The Board is comprised of not less than three, but no more than five persons each of which serve for a two year term.


The Board must meet at least quarterly, but a monthly meeting has been established as best practice.  The meeting is held on the first Monday of each moth (when possible) at the Vineyards Clubhouse.  The monthly meeting of the board is open and all home owners are encouraged to attend.  Time will always be made for feedback during these meetings.  The schedule for the meetings is posted on this website on the community calendar.


The Board is also responsible for appointing the Officers who's titles are:

  • President - Randy Steck                                                                       
  • Vice President - John Herrin                                                                           
  • Treasurer - Maggie LaCasse                                                                                                        
  • Secretary - Susan Miller                                                                       
  • Member-at-large / ARC Chair  - Dianna Skelton                                                     

Committees appointed by the Board are:

  • Architectural Review Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Maintenance Committee
  • Any other as deemed appropriate by the Board

For an in-depth listing of the Powers and Duties of the Board Members and Officers please see you copy of the 2008 Amended By-Laws.  This page is for general information only and is not necessarily complete, so your by-laws are the prevailing document.