The Hospitality / Social Committee

Known fondly as the "Broad Shoulders" of the neighborhood, our Hospitality Committee deserves a lion's share of the credit for the community spirit at The Vineyards.  From organizing the legendary Friday Frenzy's and holiday events to welcoming our new residents they are a valued team in our community.  Each member takes the lead on one of the various tasks carried out by the group.  The significant events through the year are:

  • Friday Frenzy's (if held)
  • The Annual Vineyards Christmas Party
  • Holiday decoration of the Clubhouse
  • Provide refreshments and snacks for the HOA Annual Meeting in April
  • Organize and Host the Annual Vineyards Halloween Party
  • Hang the flags at the entrance for holidays
In addition to the community events, the committee members provide outreach to our community by:
  • Develop, print and distribute welcome booklets and the Vineyards Cookbook to new neighbors
  • Update the community roster
  • Send special cards (get well, bereavement, etc.) to the neighbors
  • Organize meals for neighbors experiencing a serious illness
This wonderful committee counts as members:
  • Ellen Spore - chair
  • Diana Skelton 
  • Jennifer Blankinship
  • Marie-Nella LeNoach
  • Kathy Blevins
  • Jackie Sherlock
  • Suzanne Harssema
  • Joan Van Chantfort
  • Becky Sample
  • Marti Coffield
Have a question or an idea about a community activity?  Please contact the committee chair.

For all you do, thank you!