HOA Board Meeting Highlights


The board held its monthly meeting on April 8, 2019. We addressed community concerns about dogs off leash. County law says they can be off leash if they are under the control of their owners. We also discussed construction issues and the trailer left on roadside by a construction site.

Dane gave a very comprehensive lake report. The lake temperature is now in the mid 60’s; Sonar has been applied. Algae and Pennywort are growing in both lakes. Next week Solitude takes water samples and may need to conduct a bump treatment. Sonar does not address Pennywort or cattails. The migratory birds are gone, replaced by water snakes, and a possible beaver. The fish are plentiful, as are minnows. Lake levels are at design levels. An inch of rain leads to four inches of lake rise. Unfortunately, it appears that control valves were not added to either lake to facilitate drainage of the lakes if it was ever needed. Board will consider an action plan for lowering the lakes if needed, such as in a hurricane. We discussed adding Pickeral weed as a natural barrier along the edges of the lake.

Under old business, Dave Coffield and Christine Payne will form a nominating committee to look for people interested in being on the board. Residents were notified by email and also letter. Board annual meeting will be held on June 10. Please contact Christine if you are interested in serving on this committee. Also under old business is our community trash contract, utilized by about 70 residents. We will investigate this program in the near future to see if we can get a better group price for services from Republic if all residents participate.

The pool construction is coming along, despite the rain. We are still on target for our pool season opening on May 24. Please observe the no trespassing signs on this project, and stay off the site while work is going on.

Maggie gave a comprehensive review of our budget, which will also be included in a letter to all residents. Costs for projects are on target, and funds allocated. Maggie and Ed Robbins are meeting soon for a review of finances with the new finance person for Berkeley Realty Property Management. Maggie also opted for CD’s with a better return on our investments. All in all it was a very solid report.

Our next meeting will be held at 4:30 on May 13.


The Vineyards board met on Monday, March 11, at 4:30. We were all in attendance and a quorum was established. Lisa gave an update on Dominion Power. She has contacted them to get them to reset leaning light poles, which could take as long as two months. Ron gave an update about tree work; it is still scheduled based on Top Notch’s availability. The board undertook a detailed review of our draft of the Capital Reserve Analysis. Overall, the analysis is right on target. We made a few small changes, based on ongoing work, and work previously completed. The final report should be done shortly. The board also went over the two contracts with Continental Pools, one for the construction phase and one for the summer maintenance. The contracts were approved, pending one more quote on pipe replacement. Continental will be servicing our pool seven days a week starting in May. There was no formal presentation of a lake report, but Dane said the lake is on target for springtime, and is in good shape.

Under maintenance, Ron reviewed an extensive list. He has replaced the leaking water fountain in the clubhouse. Fence repairs/replacement continue at the entrance. Ron and Randy have made trips to inspect other tennis court repairs/updates to see about the future of our tennis courts. Ron has also brought in a bench for the board’s approval. The board will be placing several benches around the property to provide a place to sit and enjoy the view of the lakes. Ron also met with Knightscapes to discuss changes to the sprinkler system at the clubhouse. The board took some time also before the meeting to inspect the ongoing construction of the new pool deck, which is coming along nicely now that we have a break from the rain.

Maggie gave a detailed review of our financial statements. She has made sure that there is enough cash on hand to fund all the projects. She is also meeting with our investment team to ladder out existing CD’s into more profitable bonds. We are currently looking at costs of the quarterly trash pick up. Additionally, Ed Robbins has hired a new accountant to oversee the books. The board also took time to review costs of capital reserve items for future needs, in an effort to plan ahead for all financial activity.

Finally, next month is our annual meeting, scheduled for April 29, at 7:00 p.m. The board plans to provide a full update of the last 12 months, hold elections, and present a guest speaker for an update on our charitable participation. Hope you can attend! 


The monthly board meeting was held on February 4, 2019. We dealt with some community concerns first, including allowing a non-profit sponsored by a homeowner to meet at the clubhouse. Lisa Goodman Kidd will also represent the board and meet with Dominion Power to have them look at our ‘leaning’ light posts, and offer a solution. The whole neighborhood will be cleaned up of winter debris by Top Notch Tree in the near future.

Dane Belden gave the lake report. Lakes are now slightly above design level, and doing well. He will post a picture of the shiny brown bacterial discharge that is now appearing in the lakes on our website. It is part of a natural process. Dane has also archived the engineering reports from Tri-State engineers.

Under old business, we are still waiting on a report from Waste Management concerning fees. Randy has also talked with Olsen builders about lot clean up on the construction site. We are awaiting the draft of our third reserve study. Once that comes in we will meet at Berkeley Realty offices for a complete review of all items in the Vineyards, their cost and their replacement costs. This helps the board maintain a healthy balance in the Capital Reserve Account to pay for large ticket replacement items.

Our next big focus, spear headed by Ron, is the updating of our thirty year old pool. We have multiple bids, and selected one from Colonial Concrete, to replace the pool decking. Our old fence, which no longer meets code, will be replaced. We also are replacing pipes and plumbing, and adding jets to the baby pool. This will be handled by Continental Pools. Our pool furniture has all been refurbished; some items have been replaced as well. Dane will put a rendering on the website in the near future, so that you can get a look at what promises to be an exciting renovation.

Maggie LaCasse gave the financial report. Our accounts are in solid shape, with money in the reserve account for all projects, as well as monies in additional CD’s. Once we meet and go over the new capital reserve study, we can adjust our accounts as needed. Every month we put money into this account, which then is used for big projects, like the pool, or the HVAC systems. A reserve study guides us in terms of deposits, and eventually quarterly assessments. Good budgeting keeps everything under control. Looking into the future, we may need to replace our aging deck, and possibly the HVAC system.

Our next meeting is Monday, March 11. We hope to have a final Reserve Study by then. We will plan our April annual meeting also. This will be held on April 29. The regular meeting is April 8, at 4:30. The board will elect at least one new member; information will come out in that regard. 


The Vineyards Homeowners Board met at 4:30 on Monday, January 14. Some of the items discussed were as follows. Look for more information concerning the ongoing lake treatment program, and other related items on our website. Please make an effort to check the website for all types of pertinent information. The lake is now operating at or above design levels, with water temperature at 45 degrees. There are many migratory birds on or around the lake. Ron Staples discussed the ongoing process to get competitive bids for the pool renovation project. We will be replacing the fence and the concrete, giving the pool an updated and refreshed appearance. Ron and Susan Miller will be going over the tree needs of the neighborhood, and lining up tree clean up, and pruning. We also plan to spread the resulting mulch on the nature trail. Call Randy if you would like to help. Dane Belden and Ron will coordinate with Tri State engineers to get all existing documents and videos of the dams, in an effort to focus on the dam. Ron has met with VDOT to discuss deteriorating road conditions around the Pate’s Creek cul de sac. Berkeley Property Management is coordinating with a new financial team, P.B. Mears. The Vineyards has a new Capital Reserve Project Analysis coming in at the end of the month, from Design Management Associates. We will present this at the annual meeting, and go over some of this year’s projects. The board would like to welcome Diana Skelton as a new member, filling a long existing vacancy. Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 4, which is a change from our usual second Monday meeting date. Time remains at 4:30. Meetings are open to all residents.