Turf Love - A Great Program For A Great Lawn

As it turns out, most of us trust our instincts when it comes to lawn care.  We either do what we have always done, or simply leave it up to a lawn care company to manage our lawn.  For the most part the results are satisfactory, but are we really doing the right thing?  This is where the Turf Love Program can add tremendous value to your lawn, our lakes and probably even your pocketbook.  Pocketbook?  That's right!

The majority of homeowners either fertilize at the wrong time, use the wrong fertilizer or just too much of it and this costs money.  You may even be using the wrong type of grass seed if you over-seed annually.  So why not get involved with the Virginia Extension Cooperative and Virginia Tech University and let their "Lawn Rangers" come out and analyze your lawn, your soil and your weeds?  The Turf Love Program costs just $30 and for that you get a soil analysis and a written plan for fertilizing, irrigation and weed/pest control.

Want to know more?  Of course you do!  Click on the Virginia Cooperative Extension logo below and it will take you to their site.  The sooner you click the sooner you save money and help our lakes!