How To Protect Your Trees From Beavers

Two central features of the Vineyards neighborhood are our lakes and just as humans, birds and fish find them very attractive, but so do beavers.  Some residents who are located on one of the lakes have seen beaver nesting activity in the form of losing trees along the edge of the water.  Because this activity is selective and not a broad issue for all residents, beavers are not considered a matter for the HOA to deal with.  That said, affected residents can take individual action.

Tress can be protected from damage by beavers in many ways all of which can be very effective with little difficulty.  In today’s day and age you can find just about anything on the internet and protecting trees from damage from beavers is no exception.

So if you are having tree damage or loss due to nesting beavers click here > to see some simple steps to take to protect your trees.  It’s easy and the pictures make it easy to do with things you can get at Ace Hardware or the Home Depot to resolve your problems.