The Resource Protection Area is an area designated by the Chesapeake Bay Act to protect the Chesapeake Bay watershed from silt and other runoff products.  It establishes a buffer around the Bay and all tributaries to the Bay to diminish the effect of man on the water quality of the Bay.  This buffer applies to The Vineyards as we are in such close proximity to waterways that feed into the bay.

You can see the map online by going to the James City County Parcel Viewer (CLICK HERE) and entering your street address.  This gives general information about your property and if you click on the "View In Map" link on the upper right (in gold)  you will see your property in map form.   On the left part of the map you will see a list - click on the "Environmental" button to have a check in the box and then click on the small "+" to the left of it to expand the choices.  Then click on "Resource Protection Area RPA" and you will see the RPA area turn green.  Our neighborhood looks like this:





Any building or landscaping in the green area requires permission from the county.  You will find that the County is very helpful and typically wants to help you with your request.  It does require some organization and is very helpful if you provide maps, or plans with what you would like to do.  The proper group to speak with is located just around the corner:


Engineering & Resource Protection

101-E Mounts Bay Rd.

Williamsburg, VA 23185


Phone:  253-6670


Hours:  8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday-Friday


Website:  CLICK HERE for the JCC Engineering and Resource ProtectionWebsite