Our Lakes

As part of the development of The Vineyards at Jockeys Neck in the late 1980’s two manmade lakes were formed to help mitigate erosion which can have long term negative consequences for the Chesapeake Bay.  A small seasonal stream and ravines were dammed in 2 places forming our two lakes - Lake Joachim (upper lake) and Lake Ajacan (lower lake).

For all intents and purposes all of the water in our lakes comes from rainfall and then surface water runoff from the watershed.  In the past 30+ years the lakes have become significant features of our community bringing nature and beauty into focus for the residents of the neighborhood.  Because the lakes are dependent on rainfall for their water, lake levels can and do vary considerably depending on rainfall.  It is forbidden to use lake water as a source for lawn or garden irrigation in our neighborhood - this to help ensure the lake levels can remain at their design levels year-round.

The lakes are the property of the HOA and their management of them is their responsibility.  Through the use of an outside lake management company, the HOA works to ensure that their health can be sustained for the long run.  Routine maintenance includes the control of invasive aquatic vegetation as well as algae control through thoughtful and minimal use of industry standard, EPA-approved treatments.  Both dams are inspected periodically and are in compliance with State and Federal dam safety guidelines and reporting requirements.

Our lakes are not to be used for powersports recreation (motorized craft are prohibited), nor is swimming allowed.  Fishing is allowed and encouraged for homeowners in good standing.  Our lakes are home for many species of fish, minnows, freshwater muscles, turtles and frogs.

Lake Joachim (Upper Lake) - 3.7 surface acres, maximum depth 15.1 ft.

Lake Ajacan (Lower Lake) - 12 surface acres, maximum depth 18.4 ft.

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