Walking Trails

The natural setting of the Vineyards community doesn't end with acres of pastoral grape orchards - our proximity to College Creek affords a connection with nature few neighborhoods in the area offer. For the fitness enthusiast the Duffeler Nature Trail offers 5,300 steps over 2.55 miles which in 48 minutes can burn 425 calories in a breath-taking setting. For those who seek the simpler beauty of nature sightings of Deer, Turkey, Barred Owls, Eagles, Osprey and Herons among majestic stands of Pine and mature hardwoods there is little disappointment.

Access to the Duffeler Nature Trail has been opened off of Jockey's Neck Trail just to the left of 2674 Jockey's Neck Trail. The trail has been cut through the natural terrain which boarders College Creek and offers many views of the Creek which show off its natural, unspoiled beauty.

Please keep in mind that this is a natural area and should be kept clean, please be respectful and do not litter. Should you take your dog(s) with you an the trail we ask that you either curb them off the trail, or pick up after them. Care should always be taken while walking on the trail as the wood's floor has leaves, pine cones, small branches etc which can be trip hazards if you aren't watching. All walkers are entering the trail understanding the risks associated with walking in the woods and are liable for themselves exclusively.